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*Use Code " Welcome5 " to avail 5% discount on a minimum purchase of Rs 2,000/-

Garden pots online


Nature is one of the richest sources of medicine for the mind and body.

Who doesn't love to relax in the evening in their home garden? To make it happen, you need to grow plants in your indoor and outdoor areas.

Garden pots are also known as plant pots, planters, or planetrees. They are available in different colors, shapes, designs, and sizes.


What to know before buying garden pots online?

Don’t rush to buy garden pots that look unique and stylish in order to make your home glorious. Before buying, one should know what plants they are going to grow, whether indoors or outdoors. Depending on the plant, choose the pot size, material type of pot, shape, style, weight, and drainage problems.

Some plants can’t resist high temperatures, so check the pot specifications. Buy pots from the most trusted website, Wonderland Garden. Here you get all types of suggestions for your home gardening. Few plants grow narrower, wider, or longer. Choose a garden pot wisely before buying one. Most plants grown in outdoor and indoor spaces are grown in pots ranging in size from 10 to 24 inches.


Choosing the type of garden pot

There are plenty of different types of garden pots. Select the right garden pot for your home to look unique. Make your outdoor space gorgeous by selecting garden pots.

We at wonderlandgarden.com are here to assist you in determining which garden pots are best suited to you and your needs.

One can find various types of garden pots on our online website, Wonderland Garden Website.


Let us discuss the types of garden pots and their uses.

  • Resin Pots: Resin pots are planters made of plastic material. The plastic material use for making resin pots is polyethylene of low density. Resin pots are best suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Resin planters can be molded into any desired shape. Resin garden pots are ideal for plants because they are long-lasting, easy to maintain, resistant to extreme weather conditions, lightweight, and can be molded to create a stylish design. They have a strong core inside and are indestructible from the outside.
  • Plastic Pots: Plastic garden pots are made of high-density polypropylene. Plastic pots or PVC planters are available at affordable prices. Plastic planters are harder to recycle and cannot decompose easily. Plastic pots hold water, which is required for plants. The benefits of plastic pots are that they are available in flexible designs, are easy to maintain, lightweight, not expensive, easily available, and highly resistant to temperature. For the safe use of indoor and outdoor gardening, plastic is one of the best materials for planting various flowers in various colored pots.
  • Metal Pots: Metal garden pots are made of galvanized iron. Because of their weight, sometimes metal planters are not recommended for growing plants in them. And overheating in hot temperatures will damage plants' health and cannot sustain plants for a longer period. Indoor metal pots are not so good, whereas for the outdoor space they are fine to use. Because they are so strong and durable, they are unbreakable and scratch-free. Metal pots add attractiveness to your garden.
  • Jute Planters/Pots: Jute pots or jute baskets are made of natural fiber, which is eco-friendly. One can use jute pots in outdoor and indoor spaces. Growing flowers in jute pots make you different from others. Jute baskets are softer, flexible, sustainable, lightweight, foldable, and a perfect fit for growing veggies, flowers, and fruits on the balcony. Though they are less water resistant, they can last for a longer time. Grow grows healthy in jute bags because they are flexible, portable, tightly packed, and have less moisture loss.
  • Succulent Pots-Succulent pots make your indoors so special with their unique design. Succulent pots are used to grow succulent plants inside the home. Succulent pots are best suited because they can illuminate a home in any climatic condition, purify the air because of their nature, improve humidity, and help in curing health problems like sore throats, dry coughs, itchy skin, and colds. Succulent pots, along with succulent plants in them, add pure oxygen to the atmosphere. Growing succulent plants inside the house have many benefits for your health. Succulent pots are easy to maintain, tough and durable, have large plant holders and good insulators, are weather resistant, have an inbuilt drainage system, and can be available in different colors and designs to make your home marvelous.
  • Ceramic Pots: Ceramic pots are made of clay. They are also called stoneware planters. Ceramic garden pots are made of fine light-colored clay and later glazed. Ceramic pots are very durable. One can utilize ceramic pots for indoor and outdoor gardening. They are weather resistant, can protect plants, help in spreading fresh air in the atmosphere, are great for your home, can hold large plants in them, and are unbreakable.


  • Glass Pots: Glass pots are made up of fiberglass in which resin is molded and surrounded by fiberglass. Glass pots are the best fit for indoor spaces and teapots. Glass garden pots are lighter than cement and ceramic pots. Glass pots are weather-resistant, UV resistant, easy to maintain, durable, and can be customized according to your requirements. The glass pots are a little bit expensive. They look beautiful when you have flowers planted in them and keep them on the table.
  • Terracotta Pots or Planters: Terracotta pots are also ceramic pots. The terracotta planter is made of natural clay. These prevent overwatering, are great moisturizers, and are good for the environment. Terracotta pots can be planted indoors and outdoors to make the home more glorious. Sometimes, cold weather may cause damage to pots outdoors. Terracotta plants are best-suited pots for the good health of plants, are expensive, and can be customized to make the home beautiful.




Where to buy garden pots?

Resin pots, plastic pots, metal pots, jute baskets, succulent pots, ceramic pots, glass pots, and terracotta pots of various designs, sizes, and shapes can be found here.

This website is the one-stop solution for all your gardening-related needs. The Wonderland garden has garden pots of various designs. Choose the best fit for your indoor and outdoor space. Decorate your home with magnificent garden pots by purchasing Wonderland Garden online.

From kids to old age, everyone loves the pots of beautiful designs that are available on the online website Wonderland Garden.


The cost of garden pots online

Choose Wonderland Garden brand garden pots for buying online because they are the most trusted website. Customers love to buy garden-related items from Wonderland Garden. Garden pots are best sellers and are available at affordable prices. The designs of pots make your indoor and outdoor spaces unique.

Resin pots on the online website of Wonderland Garden cost around Rs. 259/-to Rs. 7999/-depending on size, set, and design.

Plastic pots cost from Rs. 229/-to Rs. 3540/-based on size, set, and design.

Metal pots are available from 299/-to 7500/-on the website. Jute planters cost from 299/-to 1345/-INR.

Succulent pots on the online website cost from 220 Rs. to 5198 based on size, set, and design. Ceramic material pots are available from Rs.189/-to Rs.4999/-. Glass pots cost Rs. 499/-to Rs. 2398. And finally, most material terracotta planters cost from Rs.299/-to Rs.2160/-. No other website can compete with the material, design, and number of sets of pots available in Wonderland Garden.





















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