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*Use Code " Welcome5 " to avail 5% discount on a minimum purchase of Rs 2,000/-
*Use Code " Welcome5 " to avail 5% discount on a minimum purchase of Rs 2,000/-

Where can I find garden decor ideas that don't cost much?

If you want to find Cheap and Interesting Garden decor items. You have come to the right place Wonderland Garden Arts and Craft.

Our modest make your own garden ideas will help you make your own green space without having to empty your pockets .

As a matter of fact, by some research you can add delightful plants and a striking character to your outside space. Indeed, even seemingly insignificant details, for example, a decent clean up, or sowing a couple of seeds and watching them develop, can have a major effect on the look and feel of your outdoor space creation journey.

From involving rescued or old things as plant pots and compartments to making your own manure, or picking economical however jazzy arranging materials, we've assembled lots of simple cash saving tips for your nursery plan thoughts.

Tip 1

Use empty tin jars as plant containers


Repaint your terracotta planter into vibrant colours


Colour your garden walls and install willows or artificial leaves wall mats on it


Use Wonderland's cute picket fence. It instantaneously adds colour to your space and gives spae to your garden


Use pebbles to create pathway and borders .


Use colourful cushions to your garden chair


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